Children’s Gardening

Children’s Ethno-Botany Garden & Health Program

The George Washington Carver Children’s Ethno-Botany Garden was the first vegetable and herb garden in Balboa Park and has been serving its community for 13 years. George Washington Carver is known as the Pioneer of Botany in America. Our garden is unique with its Indigenous herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It is dedicated to teaching youth about the role of plants in society, while also learning the relationship of plants in the local (Kumeyaay) and global Indigenous cultures. Ethno-botany is the study of the relationship between people of different cultures, the plants that grow around them, and how they use these plants for food, medicine, and household goods.

The late Dr. Kweku Andoh, was our Ethno-Botanist and traditional African herbalist for our Children’s garden. He was a British-educated Botanist that was born in Ghana and is the son of the late J. E. Andoh, Africa’s foremost botanist. He introduced the nutritious Meringa trees to the West and to the WorldBeat Center’s Children’s Garden. He is our modern day George Washington Carver, the author of several books including his latest book Biblical Manna – The Spiritual Message for the New Millennium, and his most lauded book The Science and Romance of Selected Herbs Used in Medicine and Religious Ceremony. In 1982 he founded the “North Scale Institute,” a research and educational group, along with the All African Healing Arts Society. The Institute is designed to help preserve and safeguard the plants and medical wisdom of Africa and other ancient cultures.


The garden is an outdoor classroom; it educates students on the various aspects of agroecology,botany and nutrition, based on the Life Lab of the University of California Santa Cruz. It is a permaculturedesign, in which children learn about worm composting and vermaculture, vertical hydroponic gardening,raised bed gardens, various species of butterflies and the fruit trees in the garden.We are currently collaborating with engineering and biology students from High Tech High in Point Lomaon a Mason Bee “Pollinators in Peril” research project.CLICK HERE for more information on the WorldBeat Mason Bee Project

Classroom Field Trips:

We offer garden-based field trips for preschool through high school.

Field trips to the George Washington Carver Garden are usually integrated with the Children’s Drum, Dance, and Theatre Arts Program. Garden field trip curriculum is based on both science and nutrition!

School Garden Projects:

Balboa Park 5th Grade Integration Program & WorldBeat Center Collaborative Inner City Garden Program (serving over 6,000 students), Ocean Beach Elementary School Garden, Morris High School Garden, Florence CDC and Elementary School Garden, and other sites under development.

Gardening workshops are available to schools, youth programs, individuals, families, and organizations. Please contact our Outreach Coordinator at for more information or Click Here to Book an Outreach.


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